LAG housing law publications


Author: Andrew Arden QC, Justin Bates and Toby Vanhegan

Housing practitioners and advisers seeking authoritative, accurate and accessible guidance on local authority duties need look no further than Homelessness and Allocations.




Full Price: £70

Publication: July 2018

Since publication of the first edition 36 years ago, Homelessness and Allocations has established itself as the definitive guide to the rights of the homeless. It combines an unrivalled historical overview with a clear, concise and user-friendly approach to this complex area of law.

Homelessness and Allocations was first published after the Housing (Homeless Persons) Act 1977 brought new duties towards the homeless into force, since when it has recorded and analysed development of this area of the law, while Andrew Arden himself has contributed to, and helped to shape, its development acting in cases up to and including the highest courts from the earliest days of the new law to the present time.

The eleventh edition has been fully updated to include the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 in force and provides coverage of the separate development of homelessness law in Wales under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 Part 2 and of the new Care Act 2014 regime.
It covers significant new cases, including the first raft of post-Hotak appeals on vulnerability, the impact of ECHR Article 2 of the First Protocol (right to education) on out-of-area placements, the applicability of the Newham/Lewisham eviction cases to section 193 accommodation, when an authority is entitled to re-open its own decision, and intentional homelessness.
This edition includes the 2018 Homelessness Code of Guidance and new Local Authority Agreement, the updated guidance on provision of accommodation for 16- and 17-year old young persons who may be homeless, the new Review Regulations and national eligibility frameworks.
Contents include:
The policy of the provisions
The provisions in outline
Priority need
Intentional homelessness
Local connection
Protection of property
Homelessness decisions
Discharge of duties
Other statutory provisions
Strategy, practice, aid and advice
Criminal offences
Appendices include the key English legislative provisions in consolidated form and principal guidance. Chapter 12 includes a useful set of precedents for practitioners.

Homelessness and Allocations is essential reading for housing lawyers and advisers, local authority housing and homelessness officers and housing associations seeking authoritative, accurate and accessible guidance on local authority duties and the rights of the homeless.


ISBN / ISSN : 978 1 912273 02 7

Also available as an ebook and a bundle of print/ebook





Author: Andrew Arden QC and Andrew Dymond

Manual of Housing Law


Full Price: £60

Publication: July 2017

The first edition of what is now the Manual of Housing Law was published in 1978, as Housing: Security and Rent Control. From its second edition, when it became the Manual, it was the singular text which brought together housing law as a subject for practitioners starting out in housing law, non-specialist practitioners who need ready access to the subject, lay advisers and students both of housing studies and of law as well as local authority and housing association officers.


It is designed to enable the reader both to understand housing law as a whole and to apply it, whether to the problems of individuals or the policies and practices of landlords and local authorities. That is its central message: housing law is a subject not to be studied in the abstract but to be applied. It is also an invaluable reference guide for busy practitioners who need a quick answer or source of reference at their fingertips.

Contents include: classes of occupation ■ security of tenure and eviction ■ rent and other charges ■ other terms and rights ■ protection against rogue landlords ■ anti-social behaviour ■ domestic breakdown ■ regulation of social landlords ■ mobile homes and houseboats ■ homelessness and allocations ■ disrepair: contract and tort ■ housing conditions: standards, environmental health, overcrowding, multiple occupation and licensing

ISBN / ISSN : 978 1 908407 98 6




QUIET ENJOYMENT: Protection from rogue landlords 8th edition

Author: Andrew Arden QC, Robert Brown and Sam Madge-Wyld

‘The essential handbook for this area of practice.’ New Law Journal

Quiet Enjoyment 8


Full Price: £50

Publication: July 2017

Quiet Enjoyment is a practical guide to the law governing the rights of occupiers of residential property to live undisturbed in their homes and the legal remedies available when their peace is threatened.

Previously titled Quiet Enjoyment: Arden and Partington’s guide to remedies for harassment and illegal eviction, the eighth edition has been substantially expanded to cover a wide range of problems concerning what are now statutorily recognised as ‘rogue landlords’. As well as harassment, illegal eviction and criminal trespass, content includes tenancy deposits, licensing, banning orders and a range of other activities which interfere with an occupier’s enjoyment of his or her home, as well as a set of precedents for practitioners.

Quiet Enjoyment has been written with the busy adviser in mind. It is practical and easy to navigate so will also be accessible to the non-lawyer. Chapters outline occupiers’ rights and explain the different civil and criminal court procedures and all other remedies.

This edition is up to date to include new measures in the Housing and Planning Act 2016 and there is a new chapter on safety measures including gas, fire, electricity, smoke alarms, and the consequences if landlords fail to secure them.

Contents include:

  • unlawful eviction
  • harassment
  • criminal trespass
  • tenancy deposits
  • licensing of landlords and agents
  • banning orders and database of rogue landlords
  • additional duties: safety, energy efficiency and retaliatory eviction
  • civil proceedings
  • criminal proceedings

The main text is supported by appendices including an updated section on damages cases and extracts from all the relevant legislation.

ISBN / ISSN : 978 1 908407 96 2




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